Blind Concepts – Motorized Drapery Rod Kit

Motorized Drapery Tracks
Enjoying the morning sunshine and breeze,  motorized drapery gives you a new feeling of home decoration.


Smart Control

With a single remote control, free smartphone app, or smart link, you can control your drapery easily. Pair your drapery with a smart home device like HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and more, to use voice commands to adjust your drapery.

Ceiling / Side Mount installation & Customized drapery Track

Our track is custom cut to fit and it’s very easy to install. Depending on where you install, it can be ceiling-mounted and side-mounted.

Motor Advantages
  • Plug-in required
  • Gentle start and stop
  • Hand-push/pull to start
  • Powerful and quiet motors, super load-bearing, as low as 33dBA when the motorized drapery system is working
  • Automatic begin-end position setup
  • Smart-home integration (controlled by phone app, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, SmartThing, and more)
  • The motorized system will stop to protect itself in case of hindrance, over-load
  • Low power consumption


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