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Adding surround sound speakers to your home theater is one of the most thrilling upgrades you can make because it adds a level of dynamic impact and realism you can’t get from a soundbar or 2-channel stereo setup.

The sensation of sound coming from all around is a hallmark of truly convincing home audio experiences. The crack of a twig behind you, a jet soaring overhead, voices in a crowded room; these effects need to be conveyed with spatial imaging to emphasize what is happening off-screen and all around you.

All SVS surround speakers deliver pristine clarity and stunning dynamics for the most convincing surround sound effects possible with options for side surrounds, rear surrounds, and immersive Dolby Atmos height effects. SVS Prime and Ultra Series models install easily and can be mounted on-wall, on-ceiling, or stand mounted.

Interested in a full SVS Surround Sound Speaker System? Check out all our systems here, or create your own using the SVS System Builder tool.


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